Pricing + Services


Cloud based digital signage services starting at $15/month.


BEFORE Display.Works

BEFORE Display.Works

The Display.Works Unit

$300/unit — This is the computer that connects to your TV. You need one unit per TV (unless you plan on displaying the same content on multiple TVs. You would then need some sort of HDMI splitter setup.)  

TV and mounting

Variable  — It depends on the size, location and type of  TV. There are just too many different configurations. 


Variable — Check out the Visibil.IT site to check out the different IT offerings. Most common issues would be replacing an old router and setting up mesh wifi network to ensure there is a strong signal to the Display.Works device. 


AFTER with Display.Works

AFTER with Display.Works

Display.Works monthly service

$15/per unit/month — This subscription covers updates, security and support issues. Note: the unit will not function unless there is a current subscription attached to it.

Mounting and Network wiring

$150/hour  + mount cost — We can work with TVs you already have or arrange for an installer to come to it for you. Note: This does not cover running a new AC outlet as prices and local code varies. 

Content Creation

$75/hour — Creating and maintaining content that your Display.Works unit would display. Maybe that would be art work, food menus, houses for sale. You would  tell us what to display and we would handle it from there.