Frequently Asked Questions


Can I show videos?

Sure, we've found that full screen video at a resolution of 720p plays smoothly. Keep in mind, your internet connection must be fast enough to support streaming videos. In general, if you have no problems playing youtube videos, Display.Works will stream videos. 

Where do I host videos?

YouTube or Vimeo are the easiest places. They also encode the videos in a format that produce smooth playback. Most streaming videos will play back fine as long as they are accessible on the web in some form. 

What about websites that need credentials?

We are able to do some simple automation that allows the device to get to the correct webpage with customer supplied credentials. We can emulate mouse movements and button clicks to get the correct information displayed on your screen.  

Couldn't I do this with an old laptop?

Give it a try, we'll wait..

I bet something went wrong, windows tried to update during the day, perhaps it went to sleep due to misconfiguration or maybe you've been hacked from lack of updates. We've heard the following: My IT guy can do this (they are still waiting on that), I'll get my AppleTV to do this, I have an old computer laying around, I'll hang an iPad on the wall. After much time and effort and constant tinkering, you may just get something usable. Or you could buy a dedicated machine that is designed for single mission: displaying web content on the TV of your choice. A machine that is secure, monitored and updated. We've done the tinkering for you so you can get back to business. 


TV in store windows?

You certainly can mount a normal TV in your window, but don't expect it to be visible during the day. Lower cost models are meant to be inside and just do not have the brightness needed to compete with the sun. There are special outdoor TV models that are bright enough, but keep in mind these cost much more than the $300 50" you can get at your local box store. Sunbrite makes TVs for semi-direct sun and full sun. These also tolerate the high temperatures being in direct sun can generate. Keep this in mind when budgeting for digital signage.

Can you set us up with everything we need?

Yes, we can provide the entire solution or work with what you already have. We can point you in the right direction if you would rather order the parts yourself.

Is my network able to support this?

You do need broadband internet for these devices to work. You also need a good strong wifi signal if you plan on connecting via wireless. If you are concerned about the age of your equipment or strength of your wifi coverage, we can help.

Software as a service?

Yes, this is a pay-as-you-go device. It's a connected device and needs to be regularly updated. No doubt you'll need some support if passwords change or websites update. The monthly service fee covers these things so you can focus on business and not wonder if your display has been hacked.