Get Digital Signage for your Small Business.


Display.Works can showcase all of your business’ offerings in a high-tech way for a minimal product cost and low monthly fee. Did we mention it’s super easy to set up and use? Look like you spent thousands on your tech savvy display without breaking the bank.


How does it work?

Display.Works is a small computer mounted behind a customer provided TV with a HDMI input. Once connected to the Internet via the Ethernet port or WiFi, Display.Works will start displaying the content of your choice. It will connect to the Display.Works server to retrieve each customer’s preferences and display the selected web content. Display.Works will refresh based on customer preferences.

What about security issues?

You have probably seen many devices that seem easy to use by connecting to the Internet. Did you know that many of these devices known as IoT (Internet of Things) can be easily hacked? The Display.Works system was designed from the ground up for security. Part of your monthly fee includes automatic security updates and monitoring. All security measures are kept up-to-date by data experts for your peace of mind.



No Contracts. There is an upfront setup cost for the hardware and setup. After that, it’s a monthly subscription fee that you can cancel anytime. Two years of hardware coverage is included. If it breaks, we will replace it. Ship us the broken unit and we will send a replacement.

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